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The Song on the Wind
The Song on the Wind
By K. A Cutting
Have you ever listened to the wind?
truly opened your heart to hear the message within.
So softly does it start, just a whisper of a sigh
but listen closely and you’ll find
that like the sun it rises until it cascades into life.
And like the sunrise it starts gently;
a murmur in place of muted light,
not streaks of colour but a peaceful humming
herald the chorus of life 
Like a waltz gradually rising,
with each gust of breeze the rhythm quickens and grows
becoming clearer as each note is defined.
Until like the sunrise reaching its zenith
the song burst into life,
a Capriccio of sound that rises and falls,
twists and bends with the wind. 
Its song tells a story, one as old as time itself
it is a tale of joy and one of sorrow,
of love and of hate.
It rings clear with the voices of those who have passed into the endless beyond;
awakening their spirits so that their lessons
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A Beautiful Day and a New Friend

A Beautiful Day & a New Friend

By K. A Cutting
Featuring: Nariel and introducing Jiemba

Early Autumn of year 764 of the New Age
Windwhisper Beach

It was far too beautiful a day to waste on lessons or chores, at that was Nariel’s story and she was sticking to it. Sighing happily she strolled through the bush making her way towards Windwhisper Beach. The autumn sun shone brightly overhead as the morning chorus rang out loud and clear Nariel grinned as she watched songbirds darting from tree to tree; she tasked herself with guessing their breed as she walked along the beaten track. She could hear the old Kookaburra laughing, bringing to mind the song her Grandmother used to sing when she was a filly, with a toss of her wavy chestnut mane she began to sing
“Kookaburra sits on the old gum tr
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Cenric-Reve: Introduction Meme
Introduction Meme

“You’re pretty easy on the eyes…what kind of are you?”
“I think beautiful may be pushing it *blushes* but thanks anyways.
As for what I am; well my father is a Fjord while my mother is an Andalusian cross Lipizzaner. Her mother, my Grandmother was of Lipizzaner decent while Grandfather was of Andalusian.  
I take more after my mother’s side as far as appearances go; my build favours the Andalusian side but I’m a little more solid. Helping work my family’s land and spending most of my time outdoors has made me strong and it shows, albeit in a more subtly way then with my father and brother.
My colouring
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Cenric-Reve Astral Tracker by Daydream-Beilever66 Cenric-Reve Astral Tracker :icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 0 0 Cenric-Reve app by Daydream-Beilever66 Cenric-Reve app :icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 8 13
Lucrezia's Ballad

Lucrezia’s Ballad
By K. A Cutting
Yes I know that I am peculiar
to say the very least
my ears are large,
 my eyes unnerving and my coat is mottle
 but my hair is full and sleek.
My faults are many or so I’m told
but what about my good qualities?
praised if held by another
but unseen within me.
Dose my appearance so disgust those around me
 that it blinds them to all the good that is in me?
Because it is there, I know it is
though they would have me think that all
I am is wrong, that I am nothing but a tainted smear,
a burden that they must bear.
But I know it is there, my mother told me so
and she would never lie.
She told me that I will have to be strong,
stronger than everyone else
because all my life people will wish to put me down.
They will try to hurt me with words
or even with violence but  I must not give into their hate.
She told me that I w
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A Mothers Joy

A Mothers Joy
By K. A Cutting 
Darling child, so sweet and dear
how wonderful my life is
now that you are here.
You fill my heart to bursting
whenever I hear you laugh,
with the warmth of your smile
I no longer feel winters bitter cold.
Your playfulness awakens the child in me,
 as we run and dance through the flowering meadows.
 Through your eyes I can see the world anew
 where each sunrise marks a new adventure
 with new friends to make and always something to be learnt.
And as night falls upon us and you snuggle up so close to me
I meet each dream with a smile on my face,
eager for the sun to rise so that we may spend another day together,
My Darling child, so dear to me
How wonderful life is now you’re here with me.
:icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 3 2
Mature content
Brothers in Blood :icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 4 2
A Choice Made is a Life Changed

A Choice made is a Life Changed
By K. A Cutting
With all my heart do I ache for him,
with all my soul do I love him
but it is not enough.
For his heart, he gave away to another
and how could I compare?
I ask you how could I possibly?
With her and her passion
that burnt so bright,
so brightly that it became the sun
that filled his dark and lonely sky.
Her and her strength and beauty
that shadowed my own so well.
How can I compare
to her who has so beguiled him,
ruined him for all others.
No…no there is no way,
no way that he and I could ever be.
Unless…if I could become her? Or purchase one with her
then he would have no choice, he would have to love me too.
If I were her and if she were me
He would have to love me…wouldn’t he?
If I take this step there will be no turning back
no longer will my body, my mind be my own…but
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Find Your Peace

Find Your Peace
By K. A Cutting

 Take a breath,
breathe in deep
the war is over; 
 it is time to find your peace.
Much has been lost
and there will be time to mourn, to grieve
but that time is not now.
Now is for the living
It is your time.
So breathe in deep
the surrounding scent of nature, of life.
Smell the blossoms in the trees,
feel the suns warmth on your skin.
Taste the salt in the wind
as it dances and weaves around you,
tugging playfully at your hair
and curling around your feet.
Hear the sound it makes as it 
sweeps across the land.
It sings to you a sonnet;
with a voice as old as time
and with an energy as endless as the sky itself.
To hear it settles to roiling, churning
waves within your battle-scarred heart
and for now you feel at peace.
Take a breath,
breathe in deep
It’s alright for now,
:icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 3 2
Water Pray
Wash away my troubles,
rectify my sins.
Let them all fade into the palest shades of grey
and drain away; taking with them all my fears. 
 May they no longer haunt my every waking moment
or infect my dreams late at night.
 Free me from their clinging grasp
so that I may be, at last able to breathe.
 Water so calm and serene
won’t you please
wash away these troubles for me.
                                 …Won’t you please….
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The Preacher

The Preacher
By K. A Cutting 
He walks with a simple grace among the black pine trees,
his ghost like steps carry him onwards on a path that only his fathomless can see.
The path he walks blurs the line between the Living and the Dead,
it transcends the bounds of consciousness.
It is not one that any of his brethren can walk with him
and yet he is never alone;
for a higher power is forever watching him, guiding him.
It is Her presences that surrounds him, guides him;
her love that inspires and drives him to spread Her Word,
to sooth the aching hearts and troubled minds of Her children.
He will be there to shepherd the lost
to strengthen the weak and humble the strong.
He will be there to quieten their fears and erase their doubts,
he will be there to represent Her love.
Now what form he takes on his quest is as changeable as the tides;
be i
:icondaydream-beilever66:Daydream-Beilever66 3 4
Stories and Starlight

Stories and Starlight
By K. A Cutting 
Early in the year 761 of the New Age
Nariel discovered early on that on a clear day (or night) that if she climbed to the very tip top of the rocky mound not far from home that she could clear over the treetops and all the way to the ocean. Since discovering this it had quickly become one of her most favourite of places in all the bushland that her family called home. Often when Daddy had to go away for work she – and often times Mama – would act as look outs for his return, Mama even lit a small fire sometimes so that Daddy would see and it would help him find his way home. Nariel thought this was a little silly because Daddy wouldn’t get lost; he always found his way home: he was Daddy…but if it made Mama feel better then Nariel would play along.
Daddy was away at the moment, he had been summoned for a meeting of all Thunder
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Daydream-Beilever66's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Not quite sure what to put here so apologies for the dullness.

I mainly draw (I prefer using pencils, I'm horrid at painting) and writing (poems and stories mainly) I'm not overly sure if I'll be brave enough to up load anything to be truthful but we'll see. I know it's a little silly joining this sort of site and not up loading anything but I'm hoping that maybe with the commitment of joining will come the will/courage to up load something, time will tell.

Anyway I guess I should write a little info on myself so the basics.
I love reading, animals, tea and history
My loved ones are my life (furry and feathery ones included)
I'm a shy person and very quiet. Not very confident or out going. I've had a rough time of things and my art has always been good for me as a way to vent and communicate what I have trouble saying.
I have a wonderful family which I love and adore beyond all else though not many friends.

So that's just a little about myself, if anyone wants to know anything just ask I guess. Not sure if I'm be on a lot but we'll see huh?.

Putting out Feelers: Want a Poem???

Mon Dec 5, 2016, 4:46 AM
Hi um so I feel like writing but am having a little bit of trouble finding inspiration
anyways I've written two poem about fawnling characters/pictures
and it was fun so I was wondering if anyone out there would like a poem or something
written for their pic or character?
it would be free; the only requirement is that you properly credit me if you use upload it and don't post in anyway off site.

I'm guessing there isn't going to be a great number of people (if any) interested but I thought
that I might as well put it out there

thanks for reading

Cheshire Smile 

Oh! almost forgot
if you're interested these are the two I've written so far, there is more examples of my writing in my gallery if you want to look into what you'd be to speak
>>>>Water Pray and The Preacher<<<<

skin made by Miracat
flower pattern from

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